BTC Sessions Miami Workshop

YouTube host BTC Sessions will be in Miami Beach FL for one day only, offering a 4-hour Coldcard deep-dive workshop. Buy your tickets now!

Workshop location is: Suite 700, 1680 Michigan Avenue, Miami Beach FL

1pm-5pm Wednesday May 17th


-Verify your device & update firmware

-Initial setup (seed phrase & pin)

-Backups - SD card, seed XOR & other options

-Using Coldcard with Sparrow Wallet (importing your account, sending air-gapped transactions)

-Using a passphrase & decoy wallet

-Wipe your device and recover your wallet

& more!

IMPORTANT: Coldcard workshop requires you bring your own device! You will need a Coldcard, MicroSD card, cold power, connector cable, & 9V battery, plus a way to plug your MircoSD into your laptop. It is unlikely that devices will be available for purchase at the event. Don't forget your laptop & charger as well!

If you prefer to buy a Coldcard or any other materials listed above on your own, you can use this link for 5% off:

Coldcard DEVICE and Accessories Bundle $200
Coldcard DEVICE and Accessories Bundle $200
$200.00 Sold out

Bundle includes: Coldcard MK4, micro SD card, cold power adapter, USB-C power cable & 9V battery. Items to be picked up at the event using your registered email address.

Miami Beach Coldcard Workshop TICKET $300
Miami Beach Coldcard Workshop TICKET $300
$300.00 Sold out

Learn the ins and outs of the Coldcard wallet, including initial setup, air gapped transactions, backup and recovery methods, migration across interfaces, and much more. BRING A LAPTOP & BRING/ORDER NECESSARY COLDCARD ITEMS.

Seed Plate + Punch Steel Backup $65
Seed Plate + Punch Steel Backup $65
$65.00 2 left

Backup your Coldcard in solid steel, so you can eliminate the worry of data loss due to fire or flood.