YouTube host BTC Sessions will be in VANCOUVER for one day only, offering two separate half-day workshops. Buy your tickets now!

Workshops will be held at Suite #305 1040 Hamilton Street, Vancouver BC


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Please email to request tickets. E-transfer or PayPal accepted.

BEGINNER SELF-CUSTODY WORKSHOP: 9am-12pm Saturday July 16th

  • How to buy Bitcoin
  • Downloading and setting up your first wallet
  • Sending/receiving transactions
  • Backing up and restoring your wallet
  • Best security practices & next steps
  • & more!

IMPORTANT: Bring a smartphone, laptop, and something to take notes!

  • Verify your device online & update firmware
  • Initial setup (seed phrase & pin)
  • Backups - SD card, seed XOR & other options
  • Using Coldcard with Sparrow Wallet (importing your account, sending air-gapped transactions)
  • Using a passphrase & decoy wallet
  • Wipe your device and recover your wallet
  • & more!

IMPORTANT: Coldcard workshop requires you bring your own device! You will need a Coldcard, MicroSD card, cold power, connector cable, & 9V battery. Don't forget your laptop as well!

If you'd like to buy your own Coldcard materials rather than pick them up at the venue, you can use this link for 5% off:

VANCOUVER Self Custody (Beginner) - $200 USD
VANCOUVER Self Custody (Beginner) - $200 USD

Learn how to withdraw & self custody your Bitcoin. Get experience with various wallets, understand hot vs cold wallets, backups & restoration processes. BRING A LAPTOP AND SMARTPHONE!

VANCOUVER Coldcard (Inter/Advanced) $300 USD
VANCOUVER Coldcard (Inter/Advanced) $300 USD

Learn the ins and outs of the Coldcard wallet, including initial setup, air gapped transactions, backup and recovery methods, migration across interfaces, and much more. BRING A LAPTOP & BRING/ORDER NECESSARY COLDCARD ITEMS.

Coldcard Bundle $250 USD
Coldcard Bundle $250 USD

Coldcard mk3
2 industrial grade micro SD cards
Micro usb power cable
Cold power adapter for offline use
9v Battery